About Us

We are a passionate team focused on our students’ improvement. We base our teaching style on significant and experiential learning as well as adding value with socio-cultural, political, professional, modern, and tailored content according to our student’s requirements.

Our teaching style is, in addition to all of the above, fun. We rely heavily on playful activities, games, and stimulation of the senses to integrate multiple intelligences and activate the four language skills (listening, writing, reading, and speaking). 

By creating bonds with our students, we learn with and from them. Together we explore cultures, places, foods, beliefs, etc. based on respect and courtesy.

What can you expect from learning Spanish with Ideatika ELE

Fun and natural learning, but for real, not just as a cliche. We believe that learning should be enjoyable even more if we are talking about learning Spanish. Spanish is plenty of good vibes from A to Z

Traveling while learning. There are twenty-one Spanish-speaking countries, hundreds of cities, thousands of places, and countless cultures and traditions. You might find your next touristic destiny while learning with your teacher and widening your knowledge about the world in a friendly and professional way.

Our method has been developed to adjust the learning to the student’s needs. Before starting, you can take a placement test; It helps us to know your current level if you have one, and your goals, motivation, and purpose to learn Spanish. Then, a personalized curriculum will be delivered to your teacher to start with you the best of the best learning journey.

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